Airdrop Manager Needed for A Web3 Conference

at L3A

25 - 50 USD/Hour + Crypto
134 d. ago
About the Company

L3A is an initiative to build an all-in-one petabyte scale decentralized open data infrastructure for web3 allowing anyone access to immutable web3 data without any middleman or censorship.

About the Job

Overview: L3A is dedicated to promoting decentralization, open data, and open infrastructure in the Web3 space. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with access to free reliable and immutable web3 and crypto data. We are organizing the OPEN Conference and Hackathon, a premier event and global movement that brings together industry experts, innovators, and enthusiasts to explore the possibilities of Web3 technologies and bring awareness of the significance and urgencies around concentrated power over our data, and IT technologies and give deep insights into unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the next generation of the web, known as Web 3.0 Job Overview: We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Airdrop Manager to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for the technical execution of airdrop campaigns. Your expertise will be crucial in ensuring the successful launch and management of airdrops, selecting the appropriate platform, enabling airdrop functionality, and determining the conditions for receiving airdrops on schedule. Responsibilities: A. Airdrop Campaign Management • Plan and execute airdrop campaigns, including the technical setup and distribution of tokens. • Select the most suitable platform for hosting airdrop campaigns. • Integrate the necessary services to enable airdrop functionality securely. • Define the conditions for receiving airdrops and establish a schedule for distribution. • Monitor and ensure timely and accurate distribution of tokens during airdrop campaigns. B. Technical Setup • Implement the technical infrastructure required for airdrop campaigns. • Collaborate with the development team to ensure a smooth and seamless execution of airdrops. • Conduct testing and verification to guarantee the reliability and security of airdrop processes. Targets: • Successful execution of airdrop campaigns within the designated budget and timeline. • Efficient technical setup of airdrop campaigns, leading to a seamless user experience. • Timely and accurate distribution of tokens to participants. • Collaboration with cross-functional teams to achieve airdrop goals.