Backend Software Engineer

at RabbitX (formerly STRIPS)

175k - 0 USD/YEAR
119 d. ago
About the Company

RabbitX (formerly STRIPS) Our mission is to provide open access to global financial markets, built on the pillars of Freedom, Openness, and Community. We believe that people have a fundamental right to access financial markets. The financial system we've been handed is broken, and it's time to change that. RabbitX is truly global in scale, with team members from almost every continent in the world, and building a platform for anyone, anywhere. RabbitX technology enables people to trustfully trade and invest in cryptocurrencies without compromises. We are looking for a fantastic backend engineer to join us and contribute to a true rocketship product, building our exchange backend infrastructure and API services.

About the Job

Here's how you'll be contributing: * The team you'll be joining is the exchange backend team. It's a team made up of some of the most senior and experienced backend engineers. We've built the first version of the product for internal testing, and have over 60, 000 people signed up for our waiting list. * You will be working on our core backend infrastructure services and API services to ensure a highly performant and robust exchange infrastructure * You will be working on implementing and testing new features that will enable the trading of complex financial derivatives * Contribute to the speed optimisation and scaling of the exchange Our technologies: We are building a high performance microservice based product, with tarantool as a database at its core. Languages that we are using: Go, Lua. What we are building: * We are building a ultra low-latency exchange with off-chain orderbook and on-chain settlement on Starknet (Zero Knowledge based scaling network on Ethereum) * There are requirements for scalability, speed and general ACID parameters * We are working with A LOT of data Requirements: * Computer science bachelor degree. * Deep knowledge of one of the languages: Go/Lua/Rust/C++ * Knowledge of one of the scripting languages will be a plus: python/lua * Understanding of how linux systems work: networking, file systems, memory management, process management. * Understanding of modern approaches for developing concurrent systems. * Deep understanding of how modern databases works: NoSql, serializability, Distributed transactions, MVCC etc. * Experience with tarantool will be an advantage * Desire to write tests. About you: * Smart and fast-learning: you might not know everything, but you have a desire to learn and improve constantly. You're not afraid of asking "stupid" questions and have the ability to induce results from few datapoints. * Communication: you understand that being a remote-first company requires a high degree of trust and communication. You are proactive in communicating with the team what you are working on, blockers in your pipeline, and issues that you are facing. You understand that sometimes the best way to get unstuck on a problem is talking about it out loud with someone else. * Leave your comfort zone: you're an explorer, traveler, who likes to try better ways of doing things * Smart risk-taker: you weigh the trade-offs of major decisions in order to ensure that you are not putting the team at unnecessary risk * Doesn't matter who you are: we don't care what you studied, where you come from, or how you got here. All of us have a little chip on our shoulders. We welcome people without judgement or prejudice. Here's what you'll get: * Unparalleled first look into a fast growing bleeding edge industry * Competitive salary and bonuses * Freedom to write code and use new technologies without all the red tape * Opportunity to build from scratch, without any legacy tech burden * Startup atmosphere which gives people freedom and responsibility to own what you build