Bitget Wallet Business Development ManagerUSA

at Bitget

New York, NY, United States
69 d. ago
About the Job

Job Responsibilities:

1、Screen and contact high quality project parties, have them understand and recognize BitKeep Wallet, and lay a good foundation for mutual cooperation.

2、Complete assessment of project parties, make suitable cooperation proposals and participate in the development of cooperation programs, facilitate cooperation between the two sides through communication and negotiation, and establish and maintain a friendly cooperative relationship with the project parties.

3、Promote the implementation of the cooperation plan to the ground, monitor the cooperation effect and ensure the company's rights and interests.

4、Actively participate in online and offline activities in the blockchain industry, expand and accumulate quality resources through various channels, etc.

Job requirements:

1、2-3 years working experience in blockchain industry, with basic understanding of the industry and projects, and priority consideration for those with quality project resources.

2、good at business development, resource integration, strong communication and negotiation skills.

3、Strong execution, good at cross-departmental communication and collaboration.

4、Fluent in English, can be used as a working language

Based in the United States, Silicon Valley preferred