Blockchain Engineer Security Privacy and Cryptography

at Seneca

Miami, United States
227 d. ago
About the Job

SERV is the first L1 blockchain that facilitates the sharing, automation, and storage of private data and credentials through a hybrid public-private trust exchange. Our ecosystem is built to execute identity verification while safeguarding user privacy. By empowering users of all stripes - private organizations, institutional actors, and individuals - to decide and materialize for themselves what constitutes trust in a specific P2P interaction, SERV’s platform opens up the possibility horizon for dApps to perform actions previously impossible.

The Role

You will:

  • Implement advanced cryptographic techniques to secure the SERV blockchain across various on-chain processes and their network components as well as related edge operations
  • Provide ongoing assessments and design and implement efficient, systematic, and system-wide risk mitigation strategies
  • Actively research technical developments, Identify trends, and anticipate vulnerabilities using both academic and industry resources
  • Participate in the scientific and industry development communities through events participation, collaboration, and publications

You are passionate about BlockSec and cryptography, and you thrive in applied research to turn theory and techniques into scalable systems and repeatable safeguards. You constantly consume white papers, blog posts, and academic publications with zeal to expand your knowledge base and toolkit - and you also contribute to the community through publications, conference participations, and other channels.

You can demonstrate:

  • Expertise in both commercialized and emerging cryptographic techniques (e.g. ZK, MPC, VRF, VDF, FHE)
  • Proficiency in BlockSec engineering, with both practical experience implementing advanced cryptographic technologies in commercial products or setting, and ability to quickly develop working prototypes for new techniques and specifications
  • Propensity for developing practical innovation through research in topics including emerging tech, risk and risk identification, and mitigation methods
  • Ability to execute against both short-term deadlines and long-term roadmaps

An advanced degree in cryptography, mathematics, or a related discipline is highly desirable, as are publications, conference engagement, and industry recognition.

We are headquartered in Miami, FL, and will give preference to candidates who can be based locally (whether now or willing to relocate).