Community Manager

at Optimism Foundation

287 d. ago
About the Job

Who are we?

Optimism is a scaling solution that enables anyone to execute any vision on an open source protocol that will never be captured by private commercial interests. We’re building this technology as a public good, in order to fundamentally change the relationship between companies and their users.

We believe Ethereum has the potential to solve some of humanity’s most crucial coordination issues. Since our initial inception as a non-profit research group, we have sought to scale Ethereum’s technology and values. From code to ethos, we are Ethereum-aligned.

Today, the most pressing bottleneck to Ethereum and crypto’s growth is its performance and scalability. We are building the most elegant solution to this problem. We do this out in the open because we believe in open source and its ability to accelerate innovation.

Not only do we improve Ethereum's performance by orders of magnitude, we donate 100% of the profits generated from doing so to Ethereum public goods. We do this because we believe the future of the open internet is too important to leave to chance. By operating as a Public Benefit Corporation, we align private incentives with public good and create a positive-sum economic model that provides a sustainable future for the internet.

This role

The Optimism Foundation is hiring a Community Manager to grow a global network of builders, doers, governance nerds, and Optimists.

This person will play a crucial role in scaling Optimism’s vision. They will build out OP’s presence in the countries with our most active user populations through a network of community members, events, and new programs. They’ll also act as a bridge between our community and members of the core team, sourcing feedback, studying the bleeding edge of how crypto spreads, and linking builders and users across the Collective.

Optimism understands that community is the heart and soul of crypto. We know how vital and challenging this role is, and know the many types of emotional and creative effort required to do it well. This role will be part of a supportive team within an org that holds community as one of its key values.

You will:

  • Take Optimism international: Grow the Optimism Ambassador program and launch a presence in multiple new countries. Provide repeatable training processes to get Ambassadors upskilled and building communities of their own. Overall build out OP’s presence in the countries with our most active user populations through a network of community members, events, and new programs.
  • Manage Events: Run online events for Optimism’s community and help community ambassadors do the same. Provide support for other core teams at the Collective who want to engage with the community through regular events like Demo Days, Office Hours, etc.
  • Measurement: Set up metrics to measure the growth and success of the Ambassador program and our community as a whole. Use these metrics to keep Ambassadors on track, identify new programs to run, help the community push towards the Collective’s goals.
  • Community feedback: Create a good system for learning from our community members. Regularly collect and share feedback from the Ambassadors’ communities to help the Collective understand its users around the world.

You may be a fit if:

  • You have experience with growing a community of high-intention, high-agency contributors
  • You have experience using metrics and data to drive results
  • You’re a persuasive and compelling communicator to many different audiences
  • You’re a skilled writer and speaker, whether on-the-fly or polished.
  • You believe in the global power of blockchain
  • You’re empathetic & can work with many different types of people
  • You make space for different perspectives and cultures
  • You’re highly patient, humble, and receptive in taking feedback
  • Bonus points if you have experience organising and running IRL or online events