Community Manager


United States
120 d. ago
About the Job

We are a small team of crypto native builders, traders, and designers looking to bridge the gap between the current state of crypto and mass adoption. We were raised on Runescape and crypto mining in our basements. We’ve ridden the waves of the volatile crypto market cycles. We’re deeply dedicated and fanatically obsessed with creating a more efficient, fair, and accessible financial system using crypto. We’ve raised $6m+ in fundraising from top VCs and angel investors.

The Role:

We are looking for a community lead (and de facto first community manager) to be the point person for the community. In this role, you will manage a wide range of tasks, from executing marketing campaigns, addressing individual user concerns, and being the CMO (Chief Meme Officer).


  • Have a key role in crafting the community, social, and marketing strategy
  • Manage socials, grow our following by creating tweet threadoooors and being a based reply guy
  • Answer questions and provide timely support to users in Discord (a lot of replying “Soon🔜™️”)
  • Manage support tickets using tools like Zendesk and Intercom
  • Take the lead on creating community oriented written content and visual media like videos, guides, and support articles, either by creating content yourself or outsourcing it and managing the process
  • Keep the team in the loop of the top issues users are facing and their top feature requests
  • Lead a future team of community ambassadors or community managers


  • First and foremost you identify as a crypto native
  • Passionate about DeFi. You stay on top of the latest developments in crypto
  • Active on crypto twitter and involved in various crypto communities focused on specific protocols or NFTs
  • A charismatic leader with the ability to inspire and engage the community
  • Digitally extroverted, bonus points if you are extroverted IRL as well
  • Prolific memer
  • Excellent communicator that thrives in a remote environment with the ability to be online from 9 am-12 pm ET
  • Extremely excited to work as a team to pursue an ambitious, long term objective
  • Management experience
  • Fluent or near-fluent in English

Nice to have:

  • Prior experience as a community manager for a crypto project, with a proven track record of fostering engagement and growth
  • Excellent writer
  • Twitter threadooooor
  • Proficiency/Fluency in Mandarin or Russian
  • Belief in Aliens