Crypto Web3 Fund Trader Remote

at UltraSpace3

Houston, TX, United States
122 d. ago
About the Job

Traders monitor markets in real time, improve trading algorithms, and dig into data to create better models. Looking for candidates with a strong quantitative background who are comfortable thinking in terms of probabilities and expected value.

More Details

Develop trading strategies which outperform Bitcoin

Identify valuable and predictive data sources

Build unique indicators and metrics to drive investment decisions and signals

Skilled in investment risk-reward decision making


At least 2 years of experience working as a trader or doing quantitative research at a well respected fund or research firm

A mathematical back-ground either through education (degree in Maths, Statistics, Data Science, or another Science related subject) or equivalent past experience

Track record of profitability (could be a realistic backtest, algorithmic or manual live-trading track record)

Data modeling skills (experience in Python or other data science language)

Expertise in finding, integrating, optimizing and analyzing new datasets

Quantitative mindset

Creativity in coming up with new trading ideas and approaches

Expertise in trading Bitcoin, altcoins and/or other crypto assets in a professional fashion

Experience in working in a research and trading oriented team

Systematic approach and attention to detail

Employment Type: Full-Time

Salary: $ 60,000.00 100,000.00 Per Year