DeFi Auditor

at Multisig Ventures

3k - 0 USD/MONTH
371 d. ago
About the Job

We are looking for an Engineer with experience auditing smart contracts for Ethereum (EVM) and preferably other related blockchain technologies (non-EVM). This role will assist in all our DeFi trading activities, as well as contributing to the extension of our trading and risk management systems. Your primary focus will be the auditing of smart-contracts, for the purposes of trading and investment. In addition to smart-contract work, there may be related systems that need to be developed and maintained.


  • Develop a framework for technical due diligence of investment targets and implement it into the workflow of the fund.
  • Conduct technical due diligence on open-source protocols and investment targets (both yield generation and direct investments).
  • Share best practices in secure software and smart contract development with portfolio companies.
  • Follow the blockchain industry, identify trends, and create segments to continuously improve the investment strategy.


  • Familiarity with the EVM and writing efficient contracts.
  • Proficiency with Solidity, web3js/ethers.js and your preferred testing suite, other related Ethereum tooling and libraries.