Developer Relations - Compute Over Data

at Protocol Labs

183 d. ago
About the Job

The Developer Relations team, Compute over Data (Bacalhau), sits under the Engineering and Research in Protocol Labs and is responsible for driving the adoption of Bacalhau at scale. We are a rapidly growing team tasked with accelerating Bacalhau onboarding by creating a developer community, supporting documentation, and improving the developer experience. We are building the bridge between IPFS/Filecoin data and mass computation over data adoption. We are building a byzantine fault-tolerant distributed compute network that performs computations over data of any size, available on IPFS or via URL. The Bacalhau team is looking for an extraordinary Developer Relations Engineer to rally developers and data engineers around the world to help scale the adoption of Bacalhau and enable them to deploy their computations on Bacalhau. Day-to-day, you might help us respond to community support questions, coordinate online and offline events, and write technical guides or update existing documentation. Week-to-week in this role, you might work on your next big demo, help plan larger conferences, or help identify a new web3/data engineering community to onboard. This role is technical and requires traveling. If you’re up for the challenge, we’d love for you to apply. Responsibilities... * Writing and maintaining tutorials, guides, and documentation to help data owners understand the value proposition of Bacalhau and onboard petabytes of data seamlessly. * Owning the development of technical case studies and pushing these to our community through various channels (blogs, social, docs, etc.) * Organizing community events around new releases and milestones. * Anything else that helps bring our project to the world and gets feedback from actual users Ideal candidates will have... * Extremely strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills. * Experience writing documentation or producing other content to synthesize and simplify technical concepts for technical and non-technical audiences. * Familiarity with peer-to-peer, decentralized, or blockchain technologies * Experience with developer relations and developer support * A technical background, and can code in one or more languages (preferably Rust, Python, Go, Javascript/TypeScript) * And will enjoy taking the initiative to solve open-ended problems Preferred Qualifications... * Experience with creating highly technical content, tutorials, and blogs. * Experience speaking at conferences, developer summits, or virtual events. * Experience working in or managing open-source software communities. * Experience teaching, writing, or hosting workshops.