Enterprise Data Onboarding Product Manager

at Protocol Labs

307 d. ago
About the Job

Product Manager Role

As a Product Manager at Protocol Labs, you will be a key player in the team that builds a scalable data onboarding product to the Filecoin network. This product will serve as a bridge between web2 (what customers expect from cloud storage services like S3) and web3.  

As someone who constantly speaks to customers and is experienced in building software products, you are always thinking about what could (and should) be built next. You engage closely with the engineering teams, sharing customer context so that software developers become a constant source of new ideas and opportunities. 

You will collaborate with engineers and customers to make sure we build the right thing, in the right order, with the right level of quality. As the product is built, you’ll work with marketers and a solutions team to make sure the roll out of features are successful and the product is adopted.

Qualities of a Successful Labber (PL Employee)

  • Ambitious, curious, and resourceful. You are innately curious, and you aren’t afraid to work hard. You are self driven and take direction well, but can be creative and find results on your own when asked. You are driven to succeed because your hard work and results make you proud.
  • Disciplined and reliable.  We are a distributed company and you enjoy the benefits of working remotely while consistently delivering what you have committed to. When you hit a snag, you communicate and reset expectations early.
  • Appreciative of honest feedback.  You know that the best way to learn and grow is through constructive feedback delivered kindly. You view feedback given to you as an opportunity to get better and strive to do the same for others.
  • Scrappy. You often identify a problem, create a solution and bring it to a state of completion -- with others, or even on your own. You find ways of eliminating or automating stuff that is uninteresting or wasteful.

Signs of a great fit for this role

  • Technical foundation. You have a solid understanding of data storage technologies and building easy to use API’s. 
  • Drives Initiatives. You have taken a product from zero to one and can motivate a team around a common goal.
  • Principled with high integrity. People know you as someone who shares hard facts to help force explicit prioritization and disambiguate confusing situations. Your principled consistency makes your perspective valued by everyone, even when you can’t please everyone. 
  • Strategic and iterative. You see the big picture and communicate clearly where we are going, but you care deeply about delivering incremental value in iterations. Quality and user experience is of utmost importance to you, and you are comfortable optimizing to strike the balance between a solution that works for the customer and the business.
  • Data driven. Not all decisions can be data driven -- sometimes well qualified guesses are required to build the right thing. But you strive to guide development and measure success with hard data where possible. You define clear goals and metrics, optimizing to data-driven outcomes.
  • Communicate and document. You have an ability to educate non-engineering teams on new product features and advancements. You can also create technical documentation to assist our engineering organization. 
  • Experience. You have experience building a product used by developers (even better if it’s a storage solution).
  • Identify. You can outline key strategic questions, define a direction, and work towards alignment with your stakeholders.