Front End Developer (React Native/Web3)

at AID:Tech

183 d. ago
About the Job

As part of our development team, you should be able to help us bring great experiences to our customers. This includes working as much on the things they see (e.g., our mobile or desktop interfaces) and the things they don’t (e.g., our backend services and infrastructure). Specifically, some of the relevant qualifications we are looking for on this particular role are: * 5+ years in frontend development experience, preferably in React and React Native * Proficient with Typescript * Clean coding practices and experience with test driven design and related tools, such as: Cypress, StoryBook, Jest, etc. * Can build modern, event-driven React frontends, converting Figma designs into functional components * Experience integrating advanced client-state management tools (Redux, MobX, etc) with GraphQL backend services * Understands engineering best practices such as continuous integration * You have passion for cryptocurrency and/or emerging blockchain applications * You have relevant experience with “Web 3.0” concepts and interacting between web applications and different crypto technologies Responsibilities * Developing and delivering crucial frontend features by coordinating with the broader product team * Maintain a high quality codebase for the applications developed; including aspects like: proper documentation, automation (CD/CD), test coverage, etc. * Implement designs for features as per specifications from Figma mockups * Create innovative and immersive user experience interfaces