Front-End Engineer

at Pearl Labs

120k - 180k USD/Year
295 d. ago
About the Job


Remote, Full Time

Why should you join Pearl Labs?

Flexible Hours
Competitive Salary ($120,000 - $180,000)
Equity and Token Allocations
Join one of the most anticipated unreleased DeFi protocols
Work with top-shelf talent in a tight-knit family environment

About Pearl Labs

Pearl Labs LTD, a privately held company in the British Virgin Islands developing TapiocaDAO, an omnichain money market, powered by LayerZero.

About TapiocaDAO

Tapioca aims to offer users the ability to frictionlessly borrow & lend across 20+ chains with the first central bank of DeFi. Tapioca's core smart contracts are Bentobox & Kashi, created and licensed to  Tapioca by legendary developer BoringCrypto.

Secondly, Tapioca is home to the first omnichain stablecoin- usd0. usd0 is the first stablecoin that can travel with you across DeFi- no more slippage, long wait times, or fees to transport your capital to the networks you want to use. usd0 is a CDP-based stable that is over-collateralized, non-algorithmic, and censorship-resistant.

No more bridges! Through utilizing the highly customizable LayerZero generalized message-passing network, Tapioca is able to offer cross-chain interoperability without middlemen. Shared security models have made up more than half of all DeFi hacks, resulting in billions of dollars being stolen. LayerZero’s modular infrastructure allows Tapioca’s users to benefit from unparalleled capital efficiency while streamlining the currently disjointed DeFi user experience without introducing intermediaries contagion risks

About the Job

We are seeking an experienced front-end developer to join our passionate and quickly growing roster of top-tier developers.

We have a completed Figma UI design with multiple in-house graphics designers, as well as a front-end developer working diligently on it, however, we wish to expedite development in the road to our beta release, and begin animation work.

Other pluses:

  • Experience working with ClickUp or a ticketing system
  • Fluently communicate in English
  • Dependable & Responsible

Coding Languages

EthersJS, NextJS, Framer, React, Typescript, TailwindCSS, MaterialUI, Emotion


We're very fast-paced and the role is meant to be started as soon as possible. We know the type of talent we want, and if you're it, expect to be hired quickly.

How to Apply

Shoot an email to Pearl Labs @ [email protected] if you feel you fit the role!

Please include your GitHub and some relevant work (
especially that showcases your animation skills) in your email!


If you're an inexperienced developer, cannot commit to a full-time role, are not available to start in a reasonable (2 weeks or less) time frame, or are a company looking to contract out development YOUR EMAIL WILL NOT BE RESPONDED TO.