Lead Web2/Web3 Engineer

at Improbable

323 d. ago
About the Job

Lead Web2/Web3 Engineer

Remote - UK /
Metaverse Solutions – Engineering & Gameplay /
Permanent Employee (PE)
/ Remote

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We’re leading the way in defining what the metaverse can be. This is where you explore interconnected, immersive, exciting worlds that have never been seen before and where you decide what the future looks like. Are you ready?

You will be part of the Metaverse Solutions group, the premier organisation for servicing and solving the problems of our metaverse. You will work alongside experienced game developers familiar with all aspects of the game development lifecycle, including production, art, design, technology, and operations. You will be working with notable names from the industry who are our partners and customers. As this is a growing area of Improbable, you will be directly involved in shaping the technical and commercial direction of how metaverse experiences are developed and launched.

Your Opportunity

    • Own the entire software development process and the overarching technical delivery plan within a customer project.
    • Own the design of our development infrastructure and interface with other groups within Improbable to keep the customer project running smoothly.
    • Give and organise consistent and constructive critique on the code quality and tools within the customer project.
    • Drive the team to create consistent, high-quality code/tools in industry-standard timelines.
    • Proactively engage in creating world-class, scalable teams that can innovate technically and experience-wise.
    • Lead technical innovation in the metaverse experience space, helping industry-leading brands and IPs engage with their community in innovative ways never seen before.
    • Building applications that enable new ways for communities to engage with the metaverse, redefining how identity, commerce, and belonging are enabled.

Why Your Made for This

    • You are experienced with managing senior and junior programmers across multiple engineering disciplines(e.g. rendering, gameplay, networking, engine, tools, etc.), enabling them to excel and improve themselves and the team around them using coaching, tutorials, and other necessary documentation.
    • You keep up to date with relevant industry developments in the "Metaverse" & “Web 3.0” spaces - recognise external opportunities and risks to the team.
    • You master relevant Full-stack and web ecosystem development skills (including JavaScript, TypeScript, THREE.js, Node.Js, and NPM)
    • You have a familiarity with web networking technologies (including Websockets and WebRTC)
    • You are experienced with cloud platforms: AWS, GCS, Azure
    • You have experience building and consuming REST or GraphQL APIs
    • You apply DevOps best practices using technologies and methodologies such as Terraform / IaC, CI / CD, observability
Everyone brings different experiences, perspective, knowledge, and skills that make each one of us brilliant. You don't have to meet all the requirements and experiences in this job advert to apply for and be successful in this role.
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