Luna Front End Full Time

at Luna Protocol

134 d. ago
About the Job

We're looking for frontend engineers who love solving big problems and feel comfortable jumping between high pace proof-of-concept work and production-quality projects to come and help us build an exciting new product which will handle hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts.

A quick note on diversity

This is really important so we've put it at the top. We really care about building a diverse and inclusive team. Qualifications aren't that important to us, we're much more interested in your experience and passion for learning new things. Whatever your background, if what we're doing interests you we'd love to chat, even if you're not sure you 100% fit what we're looking for.

About us

We live in a world where consumers and businesses expect personalised experiences and products that are tailored to their specific needs. One size fits all products are no longer accepted by customers who expect products that fit their unique needs. While this has become the norm across advertising, media and other industries, financial services is lagging behind.

Many financial firms promise personalisation and bespoke products to their customers, but they struggle to deliver. While bespoke financial products do exist, access to these products at a mass scale is not achievable because creating and operating these products is complex, manual and expensive.

We’re here to solve that, and to unlock personalisation across financial services. Luna is a platform to enable financial institutions to offer unique financial products at scale.

At its core, our platform is all about flexible contracts - we’re a smart contract engine, without the blockchain (for good reasons). We enable organisations to write arbitrary financial products in our custom language, once agreed the platform takes this contract definition and lifecycles it, keeping a record of all the financial reporting companies expect.

We're still fairly early into this journey so you'll have the opportunity to help shape the vision and technical direction! The team and product will grow fast and you'll have the opportunity to grow with it.

The company itself is being spun out of the innovation labs of an existing investment firm. This means we have all the excitement of being a new and growing company but with backing from a big company and access to their corporate partners.

Working here

We’re working on our internal product as well as with major third-party clients to gain early insights into our market.

That means you'll work directly with the CTO and the Head of Frontend to take ownership of an area of the growing platform that interests you. That might mean getting hands-on with setting up a proof of concept for a client-facing demo, producing a production scale solution or something that is somewhere in-between. Whatever interests you, we'll do our best to support you and give you the resources to succeed.

We're based in London but open to remote working. At the moment we're working in a hybrid model of 2-3 days in the office and the rest at home. We value being able to design things on a whiteboard face-to-face and building strong relationships within the team.

About you

- We really value open communication and feedback (when delivered with empathy and compassion). Hopefully, you'll feel the same way.
- You have experience in building front-end solutions at scale. It doesn't matter about the language or domain but we need engineers who have exposure to the sort of problems we'll face.
- You have strong software craftsmanship tendencies, you take pride in producing clean, testable and readable code; and enjoy taking ownership of the features you’re working on end to end.
- You're constantly learning and are comfortable working on new technologies and domains. We'll support you as much as possible but we need people who can drive their own learning when thrown into a new area.
- You're excited by big challenges, this isn't going to be simple to build and there will be a lot of interesting and difficult engineering problems to overcome. If you're excited by this then we'd love to hear from you.
- Any experience with financial engineering or capital markets is a bonus, but not a prerequisite.

What does success look like

- Within the first week, we'll aim to have you ship some code. Something like a simple test case or a slight change in functionality.
- Within the first one to two months, you'll feel comfortable within the code base and are regularly shipping small updates to the system. If you're new to any of our tech-stack we'll give you the time you need to get up to speed with it.
- Within the first three months, you've led the design and implementation of a new feature or service and integrated it with the wider platform. You'll work with the CTO and CEO to understand the requirements and build something to fulfil it.
- By six months to a year, you're helping shape the vision for parts of the platform and helping to scale the engineering team. This could be by being responsible for the technical implementation of different systems or by helping us scale the platform and tech as the team grows. However it manifests you'll be having a big impact on how we grow the tech organisation!

Our tech + engineering principles

We’re using React, Vite, TypeScript, React Query, Redux and Cypress. There’s an expectation that we’re each introducing the best tools for the job, so if you’ve got a better way to do something, we want to hear about it.

Whatever your background (Bootcamp, comp-sci degree, self-taught, something else!) if you're interested in what we're doing we'd love to hear from you!

We value following engineering best practices while making pragmatic and deliberate trade-offs based on risk and speed of delivery. For our most important systems, we move carefully with a strong test-based approach but for less critical systems we use technical debt as a useful tool. We believe in shipping small changes often and iterating quickly over designing a system from scratch.


- 60-90K salary depending on experience
- 30 days holiday
- Generous benefits include health + life insurance, Juno membership and free breakfast and lunch in the office
- Flexible working arrangements

Interview process

We're still a fairly small team so we'll move quickly.

1. A quick chat with our hiring manager to talk through your experience and background.
2. A 30 min chat with the Head of Frontend where we'll dive into your experience and our project.
3. A short take-home test that is time-boxed.
4. A one-hour chat to review the take-home test and a short pairing exercise where we work together to implement a very small feature.
5. A chat with the CTO.
6. A chat with the CEO.

All being well an offer will follow.