Mantle Web3 Wizard 🪄

at Windranger Labs

United States
226 d. ago
About the Job


As proposed by one of BitDAO’s core contributors, Mantle is an Ethereum layer-2 network/chain with modular architecture designed to use $BIT as a native token. It's by combining rollups and modularity that Mantle powers new and diverse use cases (i.e. gaming, social, DeFi etc...) whilst remaining fast, secure and decentralized.

Mantle is a project co-developed by Windranger and Davion who are both product labs working on the BitDAO ecosystem. Over the next few years, BitDAO intends to continue securing large partnerships on the scale of zkSync, Game7, Mantle.

Your Role

We’re looking to hire a Web3 Wizard 🪄 who will work closely with the Marketing team. Responsibilities include:

  • Supporting Mantle’s online presence on social media, proposal discussions and chat platforms
  • Interacting and providing resources to communities in daily discussions on Discord and Reddit, moderating discussions and guarding the integrity of the brand
  • Developing engaging and unique content that builds the ecosystem

Your Craft
  • Can work autonomously and proactively
  • Passionate about and understands blockchain technology
  • Good understanding of marketing principles
  • Cross-channel champion
  • People Person
  • Excellent spoken and written English

Extra Credit
  • Keen to be a part of a DAO/Web3 ecosystem
  • Active on twitter and discord communities