Marketing Lead (CMO)

at Autonomy Network

140k - 0 USD/YEAR
306 d. ago
About the Company

Autonomy is a protocol and tool for developers to create dapps with decentralised automation, or allow smart contracts to act autonomously on their own, without the need for humans making a transaction or running a server! It allows anyone to make any arbitrary transaction that only executes under some arbitrary condition in the future, even while the user is offline. For example, DEXes like Uniswap can add limit orders, stop losses, and impermanent loss protection. MakerDAO CDPs can be closed automatically depending on the collateral ratio. Creators can launch autonomous, sentient NFTs that actually do things, all on their own! Autonomy is infrastructure, similar to ChainLink, that is starting to disrupt DeFi. Based in Switzerland, but you don't need to be here.

About the Job

We’re looking for a marketing maverick to get the word out to users about our various products ( AutoSwap , AutoHedge , AutoStation ) to drive volume/TVL. Initially you'll be the only marketer on the team, with the potential to increase and manage the size of the team over time as needed. You'll have a budget to spend on marketing opportunities, and also come to conferences to stay up to date on what's happening in crypto! Responsibilities: * Lay down the foundations of our core marketing strategies (brand identity, brand guides, buyer personas, etc). * Come up with short and long term strategies for marketing our products- Manage our social media presence * Analyze different marketing opportunities to see what will give us the best results per dollar spent * Experiment with different marketing opportunities and run a/b tests for different media channels. * Lead content creation (blog posts, announcements, investor newsletters, video scripts etc) * Aid in our internal market research process- Collaborate with partnership lead and founders to create efficient customer acquisition pipelines. Requirements: * Admirable level of understanding of the crypto industry (DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, are you a degen?) * Demonstrate your successful campaigns in the past * 2+ years of overall experience in a marketing role, doesn't have to be web3, though web3 is ideal * Experience managing a budget * Great verbal and written communication skills in english Bonus: * Experience with DeFi or Blockchain Infrastructure projects in particular * Proven work history of successful marketing campaigns * Established contacts in DeFi, NFT and Web3 Gaming * General technical knowledge * DeFi degen * Able to work US or EU timezones What we can offer: * Tokens! We'll do our token launch soon, so you'll have the chance to have a share of the founding team's tokens * Help build out a cutting edge technology that will change the face of the blockchain industry * Work closely with top teams in the space that we're partnering with on collaborations * Working fully remotely, or be in an upcoming office (likely Lisbon) * Travel benefits to conferences, health benefits, the usual tech startup stuff * A fun environment with some solid banter ;)