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at Wintermute

374 d. ago
About the Job

Open call for crypto industry talentLast few months have been tough for our industry. We’ve seen some events and personas damaging the reputation of crypto and we’ve seen innocent people, companies and protocols adversely affected by it. In the end, as tough as it is today, the industry is better off without bad actors. At Wintermute, we remain true to our mission of empowering the truly decentralized world. We work hard to shape an industry to avoid  monopolies, choking points or otherwise recreating the old order under new guise. We strive to empower competition across trading venues, blockchains, protocols and business models. We are determined to rebuild the industry based on its original ethos.  We see  innovation, transparency, decentralization, and self-custody as core values that need to be preserved and re-emphasized.Wintermute was founded in 2017. We have lived through multiple cycles. We weathered the crypto winter of 2018-2019 and spent those years building for the long-term. That set us up perfectly for the exponential growth in 2020 and 2021. We were able to grow by being hard working, smart, innovative and efficient, not by making leveraged bets or playing with other people’s money. And today we are not only the largest crypto native trading firm, but also one of the key and most trusted players in the entire industry. Last two years we have also seen the Wintermute business expand. Leveraging our core strength in proprietary trading and algorithmic liquidity provision, we were able to provide market making to projects and OTC services to a large number of crypto-native and traditional finance players. We have worked alongside the DeFi eco-systems building on all main chains and investing into 75 early DeFi projects. We remained a long-term investor and have not “dumped” any of our strategic investments.  We have also expanded the Wintermute family and incubated Bebop, a DeFi native trading platform where users can trade one-to-many and many-to-one tokens, with no slippage, and without trusting their funds to a centralized party. We have more exciting new decentralized and centralized projects we are working on! We are seeing a high level of capitulation in the industry. Some people left because they got disillusioned, some gave up trying, some for purely mercenary reasons. However, for us, the conviction has never been stronger. We want to see people who are, like us, committed and determined to double down on taking the industry forward, to the next level. Ultimately, we want to offer the best people in crypto, the true believers and builders,  an opportunity to join us and build the future together! These opportunities are for people who:- Want crypto industry to succeed and work hard to make it happen- Want to be part of rebuilding the industry based on true innovation that is offered by blockchain- Value integrity, transparency and ethical business practices- Optimize for personal and professional growth and learning by doing- Are ready for an adventurous journey- Are more interested in longer-term upside, rather than in short-term guaranteed compensation We would like to use the application form below to gauge your interest and potentially find a match at: - Wintermute published jobs in software development (C++, Python), algorithmic trading and business operations, https://jobs.lever.co/wintermute-trading- Bebop published jobs in software development and business operationshttps://jobs.lever.co/Bebop- Other opportunities for exceptional candidates (some of these would be published shortly) across our businesses and protocols (see below)

Potential opportunities

    • Wintermute published jobs in software development (C++, Python), algorithmic trading and business operations, https://jobs.lever.co/wintermute-trading
    • Bebop published jobs in software development and business operations
    • https://jobs.lever.co/Bebop
    • Other opportunities for exceptional candidates (some of these would be published shortly) across our businesses and protocols (see below):
    • Product and business management roles of different experience levels for institutional trading space and new protocols
    • Front-end developers
    • HR manager / HR operations
    • Marketing, incl. direct marketing, social media and copywriting
    • Designers
    • Legal with focus on managing DeFi project topics
    • OTC/sales trader
    • Junior business development / relationship manager 
    • Regulatory
    • Jobs not mentioned here - submit in a relevant functional group
If you are interested to apply, please give concise and thoughtful answers to the questions below and indicate your interest. Please bear with us as we are going through applications, as we expect a very high number of responses and are mobilizing internal resources to review and interview candidates. We know that there are a lot of very strong and talented people in the industry and we are looking forward to talking to you!