Scriptwriter for Crypto YouTube channel

at Coinsider

50 - 0 USD/HOUR
380 d. ago
About the Company

Coinsider is a media company that covers the crypto space. Our largest platform is YouTube, where we have 270,000 subscribers. We also have a newsletter that launched recently and is rapidly growing. We plan on launching many more media products, but for now, we’re looking for a scriptwriter to help us level up our content quality and our throughput. In terms of our videos, we take pride in our balanced views. We aren’t afraid to share contrarian views, but only if it’s backed by facts and we believe in them. In terms of tone, we don’t like fluff and hype, but we’re also not super professional either. We like to keep things casual and approachable. We have a team of ~10 people, distributed around the world. You’d be joining a team of researchers, designers, editors, content strategists, and more.

About the Job

What You'll Do: * Write scripts for our YouTube videos * Work with our hosts to decide which topics to pursue and which formats to use * Work with our research team to get briefs that you can utilize * Analyze retention data from YouTube and use it to improve your scripts * Rate: $40-50/hr + bonus if you hit retention goals (each script usually takes around ~8 hours on average) What We're Looking For: * Formal writing experience strongly preferred (more than just a hobbyist) * Perfect fluency in English * Understands common video script frameworks and how to use them (listicle, video essay, 3-part story, etc.) * Understands how to hook viewers and keep them watching * Flexible with the voice/tone of your writing * Some knowledge about crypto/finance/economics (no need to be an expert, but no complete newbie either) * Good at working with a team * Constantly looking to improve your skills Nice To Haves: * Experience writing video scripts * You’re a “student” of YouTube (you watch videos and dissect why they perform well) * Intermediate to advanced crypto knowledge