Senior Solidity Developer

at Panoptic

183 d. ago
About the Company

Panopticis a perpetual, oracle-free, instant-settlement options trading protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. We are creating a new DeFi primitive for on-chain options, and this is a unique opportunity to be part of the next revolution in decentralized finance! ---- Panoptic is proud to be an equal opportunity employer (EEO). We provide employment opportunities without regard to age, race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, disability (including gender dysphoria and similar gender-related conditions), sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation (including actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality), veteran status, military status, domestic violence victim status, reproductive health decision making or any other protected category.

About the Job

We are looking for a senior Solidity engineer to join the core contributor team to build this novel DeFi primitive. Panoptic is co-founded by Cornell Professor Guillaume Lambert and joined by Jesper Kristensen who has worked many years in tech and in finance as a Quant. We are well-funded and backed by leading VCs and industry experts. We pay above market rate because we seek the best talent. You will also receive early team equity and be part of an exciting journey and build Panoptic to be the Uniswap or Compound of Options. We are fully remote and offer great perks. an immense amount of freedom for you to conduct research on topics that interest you so that you stay on top of the field and build the best protocol implementation possible. We have audits booked with ABDK and OpenZeppelin and you would lead us through these to full deployment on testnet and later the Ethereum mainnet. In this role, you’d have an extreme level of freedom to research and work on the latest and greatest modern tech stack as well. The ideal candidate will be responsible for designing, implementing, and testing smart contracts for the next generation of Panoptic. Responsibilities * Lead the Solidity Smart Contract code developments as a founding engineer. * Know and articulate trade-offs in our smart contract designs and lead us to the optimal most secure platform. * Be a generalist - we are a young startup so wearing multiple hats is needed. * Help the frontend engineer with the blockchain integration. * Work with auditors and implement in iterations their suggestions and handle any redesign requirements * Implement Panoptic V2 smart contracts and tests * Adapt and deploy smart contracts to EVM-based blockchains (L2s and alternative L1s) Requirements * 5+ years of general software development experience (and/or a strong software education - with at least 3+ years of active development). * 3+ years of experience writing, testing, deploying and verifying Solidity applications. * Served in a capacity at a tech lead level before. * Build applications that adhere to the latest security best-practices. * Be inherently motivated and excited to build and scale crypto products. * Have extensive knowledge of the Hardhat/Foundry testing environments: grokking mainnet state, impersonating accounts, writing custom scripts, etc. * Have deep insights into gas cost optimization, how Ethereum stores state and data structures in the EVM, opcodes, variable mapping to storage slots, etc. * You are familiar with Git, Deployment Pipelines, and general best practices. * Write extensive comments, documentation, design flow diagrams, and review PRs * Collaborate with the Frontend team to deploy the application Nice to have * Familiarity with going through Auditing processes end-to-end and/or you have/are yourself an auditor. * Prior experience developing Decentralized Finance applications * Experience implementing complex math in Solidity/YUL * Understanding of zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKS, Groth16) and prior experience writing circuit code. * Willingness to understand why options are awesome Benefits * Above market average compensation package - we are well funded and want to pay for the best talent * Early team equity * Remote and flexible working hours * Paid time off