Tech - Co-Founders / Equity only

at Miletus Finance

Full Remote - Global
279 d. ago
About the Job

We are looking to team up with 1 or 2 talented technical co-founders with strong experience building dApps and deep knowledge of DeFi in order to built an innovative decentralized options protocol.  

We are a talented and very experienced team: 

- 1 Back-end/React Front-end Developer (5 yrs exp)
- 1 Senior Solidity Developer (3 yrs exp) 
- 1 Senior Product Manager (10 yrs exp) 

The entire technical documentation and comprehensive whitepaper is already done and we are currently looking to on-board new talented engineers to start first MVP and raise VCs capital. 

Positive feedback and first pitch with Electric Capital and other VCs in progress. 

If you are looking to build the next 1bn dollar DeFi project this is your opportunity! 

- full remote
- high equity share 
- total freedom and decentralized culture
- working with a professional team (many years of exp)
- cool, complex and interesting derivatives subject

info: [email protected]