UI/UX Product Designer (Web3)

at Sismo

6k USD/Month
Paris, France
349 d. ago
About the Job

As a UI/UX Product Designer at Sismo, you’ll lead design efforts on a ‘Prove with Sismo’ experience—namely, redefining how users connect to applications and how integrators build on Sismo.

Creating user journey flows, wireframes, and prototypes will be your forte, in addition to conducting user testing interviews. With strong attention to detail, you’ll be confident and comfortable enough to express your creativity to the fullest.


- 3+ years of product design experience, including research, prototyping, and implementation of user-facing applications
- 1+ year of experience with Figma
- Experience with web3 UX design
- Strong conviction in web3/crypto/decentralized identity
- High attention to detail
- Sensibility to art and design (visual harmony)
- Fluency in English