VP of Engineering


Remote or Europe
358 d. ago
About the Job

About the role:
As a VP of Engineering at Cere, you will be leading and cultivating our Engineering team into our next phase of growth. A great candidate for this role is a strong innovation driver who is passionate about delivering rapid and robust solutions toward acute business needs while fostering the best team and culture for the long haul. The person in this role will be an integral part of the leadership team, focused on strong collaborative teamwork with all key stakeholders.  
This position requires a proven track record of having built strong teams and impactful solutions at scale. Great candidates should demonstrate excellent communication and collaborative skills, a strong thesis for how to foster long-term growth for development teams, and a solid foundation in architecting scalable, extensible, and robust software solutions.
- Provide Strategic and Operational Leadership: You’ll work closely with our senior leadership team to translate our company vision and strategy into a surgical  Engineering execution. You’ll track and manage key KPIs and provide the guidance and feedback to drive timely engineering execution and team growth. To do this you’ll build a deep understanding of our vision, product, strategy, and important KPIs, and an acute understanding of the architecture and the team skillsets. At times may require the “rolling up the sleeves” and “getting hands dirty” (e.g. coding) at times where/when it’s needed to code/architect.
- Lead and grow our Engineering organization: You’ll foster a culture aligned to our values within Engineering and across teams, and develop and extend our current standards, processes, and best practices. You’ll help us recruit and retain top talent to help us scale our teams. You’ll do all this by being a thought leader who is able to earn respect and trust and help grow even our most senior engineers.
- Ensure we ship at high velocity and with high quality: You’ll build systems and processes that enable our engineers to consistently deliver multiple concurrent projects, on time, with high quality, and within a budget. You’ll ensure prompt responses to urgent issues that are customer and revenue impacting. You’ll be responsible for leading our engineering team in ensuring our services are reliable up and running. You’ll partner closely with our product managers and architects to employ industry best practices to drive innovation, address technical debt, advance system architecture and improve our processes while still meeting our overall product and business objectives.
- 5+ years of engineering leadership experience in venture-backed or 50+ people technology companies.
- 5+ years of hands-on experience architecting/developing highly distributed and/or high throughput solutions at scale.
- A passion for people management. You love empowering and developing team members. You have a strong track record of creating team cohesion to enable the team to achieve great things. And you’ve managed a fully-remote team.
- A strong track record of collaborating effectively with other senior leaders across a company.
- An understanding that growing and engaging your team is one of the highest ROI activities you can do as a leader, and you must find innovative ways to consistently do this.
Tech stack:
Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin, Go, Rust, PHP
Frameworks BE: Node.js, NestJS, React, Quarkus, Substrate
Frameworks FE: React, Vue
DBs: PostgreSQL, badgerDB
Clouds: AWS, Digital Ocean.
Our perks:
You’ll be joining a fantastic multinational team that was gathered by Silicon Valley veterans with 50 years of experience from Amazon, Twitch, D-Link, and Bebo. We have a supportive culture that cares about both excellent work and work-life balance. You will begin by learning from the experiences of our current team. Our Lead Engineers and HR managers will assist you with the onboarding process and work with you every step of the way. 
Financial Employee Incentives:
With the CERE token fueling our ecosystem, team members will get multiple financial incentives along the way. Together as a team, we work for one goal: 100 million blockchain users.
Multinational, High-Performance Team:
Join a highly multi-cultural team that is based all over the world. We have offices in San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, and several locations in Asia.
Be flexible in your work:
Morning person? Or a night owl? At Cere you can plan your work accordingly. Take control over your agenda and plan your work around your life, not the other way around. 
Highly Skilled Team:
Ever wondered what is it like to work with a team full of Silicon Valley veterans? At Cere you get the opportunity to work with the brightest minds in the industry. Whether that's our crypto-savvy marketers, creative HR wizards, or amazing developers. 
Work equipment:
To perform at your highest level, you will need the right equipment. Cere has multiple policies to make your WFH office a paradise, or pimp up your desk in one of our offices. You decide. 
Keep learning:
In the ever-changing world that is blockchain, we need our employees to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Cere helps you out with multiple deep dives, presentations, trips, and other events to increase your knowledge.