Web3 Consultant

at Belmont Lavan

London, United Kingdom
112 d. ago
About the Job


Research complex topics around specific blockchain networks including consensus algorithms, economic models, Layer 2, ETH 2.0, cross-chain swaps, and node/network topology

Build services and infrastructure that help to automate the deployment of web 3.0 infrastructure

Incorporate monitoring, alerting, and observability to support blockchain networks that allow us to maintain the highest standards of health, reliability and uptime

Write integration tests and contribute to maintaining a healthy CI/CD pipeline

Contribute high quality, performant, and well tested Solidity code

Achieve comprehensive unit test and integration test coverage, including Javascript testing

Interact and collaborate with other engineers and team members; we have a highly focused and collaborative team

Participate in the overall blockchain network community, by contributing to third party discussions and contributing to the development of new and existing networks



Some infrastructure or backend engineering experience in AWS or other cloud environment

Prior Experience Using Solidity Is Required

Extensive knowledge of the Ethereum virtual machine or blockchain virtual machines

Proficiency in a modern programming language such as Go, Javascript, Python, or Rust

Experience containerizing modern applications, particularly distributed systems like blockchain networks

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

The drive to build something meaningful in a groundbreaking, entrepreneurial environment